Meeting with Thailand Ambassador Mr. H.E. Bhakavat Tanskul

Nepal Chamber of Commerce welcome the Thai Ambassador Mr. Bhakavat Tanskul at chamber. Discussion held, how the both country Nepal and Thailand can improve its relationship in business. The President Mr. Rajesh Kaji Shrestha discuss, about business expansion in agriculture, tourism, visa and investment that should be agree on both country. The President also requested, the visa related issued is be solve and increase the flight between both country.

Mr.Bhakavat Tanskul spoke both country has some issued and will support to find the solution, so that both country can expand its business.

At meeting the following member were present Vice President Rajendra Malla, Secretary General Kamlesh Kumar Agrawal, Secretary Pausuram Dahal, Secretary Santosh Kumar Pandey and rest executive member Naresh Shrestha, Deepak Kaji Tuladhar, Surendra Kumar Sarda, Rajendra Sherchan, Deepak Malhotra.