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Nepal Chamber of Commerce, established in 1951 (corresponding to Bikram Sambat 2007, is the first Chamber of Commerce in Nepal. At present, it has more than 1,600 ordinary members and more than 8,000 registered firms are affiliated to it. The Chamber organized the First National Conference on Industry and Commerce in 1955.

Being located in Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal, the Chamber has been playing an important role in the field of trade promotion and also in the formulation of commercial, industrial and fiscal policies of the Government of Nepal.


“Making the trade sector competitive for economic development of Nepal”.


“Substantiating Nepalese trade in the global market by enhancing the competency of Nepalese traders.”


The prime objective of NCC is to assist in the development of the national economy through the promotion and protection of commerce and industries, both at the private and public sectors. The leading tasks of NCC are:

  • To foster good relationship and unity among the trading community and industrialists
  • to develop links with commercial, industrial institutions around the world and to co-operate with each other for the betterment of the national economy
  • to organize Trade and Industrial Fairs, to co-operate and facilitate the Nepalese participants in such fairs.
  • to issue a Certificate of Origin for the Nepalese products.
  • to establish or encourage in establishing the academic institutions related to commerce and industry

a. Promotion of trade-related interactions
NCC Talk Program on economic and trade
Interactive program on topical issues including policy advocacy and policy feedback
Dissemination sessions on national/regional/global trends of traders interests
b. Management of trade facilitation
Capacity building of Nepalese trade sector by enhancing the competency of Nepalese traders through various training on management, international and domestic market, and relation building.
Official visits at different levels of national and international organization and government covering critical and new areas and dialog on trade-related matters
Establishment of a resource center for traders
Exploring the competitive and comparative advantages of Nepalese products in the international market.
c. Development of membership base and relation build up and networking
Expansion of membership base
Networking with relevant trade and product-related organizations at national, regional and global levels.
Build and establish relations with trade-related national and international associations/organizations, donor agencies, and various international agencies including embassies and mission.
d. Research and information services
Policy and action researches relating to trade, entrepreneur development
Undertaking projects for the development and management of trade sectors
Information services through various modes, including publication and e-devices
Organization Membership:

Any individual firm, company, corporation, and organization engaged in trade, industry, or related profession is entitled to the Chamber’s membership. The following four types of membership have been introduced and practiced in the Chamber.

(a) Life member

(b) Ordinary member

(c) Affiliated member

(d) Honorary member

General Assembly:

The General Meeting of Nepal Chamber of Commerce is held annually to discuss and pass resolutions. It also elects the members of the Executive Committee for the vacant seats. The progress report and audit report of the past fiscal years are submitted to the General Assembly for comments and approval.


The Chamber of Commerce publishes fortnightly bulletins “Chamber Patrika” (in English & Nepali) which are circulated to all members & worldwide Chambers. The publications contain information regarding national, international economic and trade issues including other activities of the Chamber.

Relation with Government of Nepal:

From its very inception, Chamber has been playing a vital role in the formulation of commercial and industrial policies of the Nepal Government (NG). It has very close relations with all the concerned Ministries, Departments and Offices of NG, Nepal.

The Chamber represents the private sector in many committees formed by the government. The main committees represented by the Chamber are:

  • Revenue Consultative Committee
  • Social Welfare Council
  • Export Promotion Board
  • Press Council
  • Tax Assessment Committee
  • Custom Valuation Committee
  • Cottage and Small Scale Industries Development Committee
  • International Trade Fair and Exhibition Organizing Committee
  • Water and Energy Commission
  • Child Labour Relief Working Group
  • Nepal Multi-Model Transit and Trade Facilitation Project
  • Banking Promotion Committee
  • National Development Council
  • Interunit Coordination Committee
  • Business Consultative Group
  • High-Level Economic Diplomacy Committee
  • Economic Policy Network
  • Integrated Framework Steering Committee
  • Public-Private Partnership
  • Central Supplies Management Committee
  • Social Services:

Nepal Chamber of Commerce is represented in various social welfare organizations. It helps and supports charitable activities. The Chamber has started Free Ambulance and Corpse Van services for the people within the Kathmandu Valley since 1994 AD.

Committees Convened by NCC President:

Advisory Committee
Consultative Committee
Nepal Chamber Foundation
District Co-ordinator Council
Committees Formed by NCC:

Employment Promotion Committee
Environment Committee
Social Service Committee
Small and Medium Enterprises Committee
District and Municipal Coordination Committee
Publicity and Education Committee
Revenue Committee
Information and Technology Committee
Industrial Committee
Seminar, Workshop and Fair Committee
Energy Committee
Nepal India Trade Committee
International Coordination and Women Committee
Retail Food and Supply Committee
Tourism Promotion Committee
Human Resources and Development Committee
Export Committee
Nepal China Trade Promotion Committee
Import and Trade Committee
Economic Diplomacy Committee

Cooperation Agreement with Foreign CCI:

Nepal Chamber of Commerce has signed the Memorandum of Understanding and Agreement on co-operation with several chambers of commerce and industry for strengthening the economic relations on the basis of mutual benefits. It has signed Memorandum of Understanding as following chambers of commerce and industry:

Russian Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Russia

Hungarian Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Hungary

The Lahore Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Pakistan

Indian Merchants’ Chamber, India

Bengal National Chamber of Commerce & Industry, India

CCPIT Changchun Chamber of Commerce, China

China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, Jiling Sub Council, China

Tamil Nadu Chamber of Commerce & Industry, India

Osaka Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Japan

Shanghai Federation of Industries and Commerce, China

Indo Overseas Chamber of Commerce & Industry, India

Singapore Confederation of Industries, Singapore

Vietnam Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Vietnam

Philippine Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Philippine

Federation of Karnataka Chamber of Commerce & Industry, India

Dhaka Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Bangladesh

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Saudi Arabia

Austrian Federal Economic Chamber, Austria

Jakarta Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Indonesia

Ealing Chamber of Commerce, England

Kuwait Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Kuwait

Jiangsu Chamber of Commerce, China

Cambodia Chamber of Commerce Cambodia

The Associated Chinese Chambers of Commerce and Industry of Malaysia, Malaysia

Thai Chamber of Commerce, Thailand

CCPIT Sichuan Chamber of Commerce, China

CCPIT Guangzhou Chamber of Commerce, China

Ukraine Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Ukraine

CCPIT Yunnan Chamber of Commerce, China

The National Chamber of Commerce of Sri Lanka, Sri Lanka

National Productivity and Development Center, Mongolia

National Chamber of Exporters of Sri Lanka

Karachi Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Pakistan

Chamber of Commerce and Agriculture of Bistrita Nasuad Region, Romania

America – Nepal Entrepreneurs Association (US Nepal Chamber of Commerce), New York, USA

Artesia Chamber of Commerce, Los Angeles, USA

The Rawalpindi Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Pakistan

America – Nepal Chamber of Commerce Los Angeles (LA), USA

Czech Chamber of Commerce, Czech Republic

Polish Chamber of Commerce, Poland

PHD Chamber of Commerce & Industry, New Delhi

Sikkim Chamber of Commerce

Indian Chamber of Commerce, Kolkata

Indian Importers Chamber of Commerce & Industry,  New Delhi

Slovak Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Slovakia

The Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India

National Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Malaysia

The Bengal Chamber of Commerce & Industry (BCC&I), Kolkata, India

Kosovo Malaysia Chamber of Commerce (OEKM), Pristina

Changwon Chamber of Commerce & Industry

Akhil Bhartiya Vyapar Mahasabha, Lucknow. U.P., India

Federation of West Bengal Trade Association, 23 NS Road Fairley Place, BBD Bagh, Kolkota, West Bengal

Events & Venue Association of NEPAL-EVA-Nepal and Nepal Emergency Shelters & Disaster Prevention Educational Aid, JAPAN- NEPA

Vietnam Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Hanoi, Vietnam (Cooperation Agreement)

Indian  Industries Association, Lucknow, U.P. India.

The Qatar Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Doha, Qatar

Tamilnadu Chamber Foundation (TNCF)

Madrid Chamber Of Commerce

LUANG PRABANG Chamber Of Commerce

Japan Nepal Business Chamber Of Commerce

The Republic Of Chamber Of Myanmar Federation Of Chamber Of Commerce And Industry

Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology Research Institute

The Federation of Thai Industries

Trade Promotion Council of India

Indo American Chamber Of commerce, NewDelhi,India

Cambodia Chamber of Commerce Cambodia

Millennial India International Chamber of Commerce, Industry, and Agriculture

Georgian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Vibrant Goa Foundation

Relation with International Organizations:

Nepal Chamber of Commerce is representing Nepal as a national focal point for Regional Investment Information and Promotion Services (RIIPS) of UN\ESCAP. The Chamber has been conducting seminars and training, related to business and economy, with the help of International organizations, such as International Trade Centre – ITC (UNCTAD – WTO) and the Asian Pacific Centre for Transfer of Technology (APCTT).

Nepal Chamber of Commerce is also the member of International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) in Paris, France